There are many valuable insights in this article. I printed it out to refer back to it frequently as I strive to excel in both my personal and business pursuits this year. I’ve highlighted a few key points below (too many others to mention) and appreciate the emphasis on execution, seeking mentorship, cultivating grit, and surrounding oneself with supportive and inspirational people. Hope you find some value here like I did!

Propel Yourself to the Top 1%: 20 Rules for Uncommon Success in 2024 | Entrepreneur

It’s not about ideas; it’s about execution. Those in the 1% don’t just dream; they act.

Find a mentor. You can receive guidance and support from a mentor. By having a mentor, you can stay on track and prevent mistakes from happening.

The road to success will be littered with setbacks, failures, and moments of doubt. Yet the 1% are unwavering in their grit, refusing to back down when faced with adversity.

Be surrounded by people who motivate, inspire, and challenge you. It takes a village to make it in the 1%.